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Lantern slides : short stories

O'Brien, Edna, 1936-1990
'You ​could feel the longing in the room, you could touch it – a hundred lantern slides ran through their minds; their longing united them, each rendered innocent by this moment of supreme suspense.' Innocence and suspense are the trademarks of these powerful stories. Whether the characters are male or female, live in cities or in the country, they each have a craving for redemption – redemption through love, through solitude or through self-awareness. We know these people, we care about them; their aspirations in an eerie way reflect our own. Who has not wished death on a rival? Who has not fled to a seaside resort in search of happiness? Who has not imagined that beyond the closed door lies the answer of cherished dream? These stories dwell on all that and more, in a language at once bold and poetic. Lantern Slides is Edna O'Brien's first collection of short stories since Returning in 1982. It confirms her place as one of our most accomplished, affecting and original storytellers.
Main title:
London : Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1990.
215 pages ; 23 cm.
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Short stories in English1945-Texts
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