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A sheep called Skye

Harris, S. R.2000
Skye is used to being different. She never knew her mother and was brought up in a Bed and Breakfast. But she longs to discover the place where someone like her, a sheep who doesn't feel like a sheep, really belongs. So she turns herself into a tourist attraction, selling scarves and tea-towels in windy carparks. Her ambition is to become a souvenir and live on a mantelpiece. Until she discovers a secret that changes everything...Internationally acclaimed, this funny and original story is as much for adults as for children. Indeed for anyone with an ear for the bleat of a special sheep and an eye for the beauty of the island that bears her name.
Main title:
A sheep called Skye / by S. R. Harris, illustrated by Gill Barrett.
Uig, Isle of Skye : S & F, 2000
103p. ; 135 x 205 mm
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