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The key above the door

Walsh, Maurice1949
...You are likely enough to meet Tom King on the road that curves on the eastern shore [of Loch Ruighi in Moray] on any day from July to October; and should it be necessary to inquire a way out of these fastnesses, you will find him very ready to talk. You will notice that he has a quaint and frank turn of speech, an, if you have a bent that way, he will lead you into queer and original byeways of discussion, so that at the end of half an hour, or even an hour, you will go on your way wondering if this tall, lwan, youngish man in the careless tweeds, with the masked face and the live eyes, is really the moorland crofter he professes to be...
Edinburgh : Chambers, 1949
223 p. ; 18 cm.
Original edition 1926. Reprinted in War economy edition, 1949.
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