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Magic and witchcraft in Scotland

Miller, Joyce2004
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Magic and witchcraft is a popular, misunderstood and controversial subject. This a book gives the reader a unique insight into the magicaI beliefs and practices of people in early-modern Scotland The application and the theory of magic are both discussed. This includes high and low magic: healing, divination fertility rituals, use of stones, amulets and talismans, and calendar festivals. Many of these beliefs continue to the present day- Hallowe'en, fire festivals at New Year, and even the use of crystals. Witchcraft and maleficium (black magic) are then examined: theories about demonic witchcraft and pact, bad luck and harm, and prosecution of witches. This fear of witchcraft resulted in around 4000 individuals, mostly women, being accused between the 1560s and the 1720s More than 100 places associated with magic and witchcraft are described, such as clootie and healing wells, stones, shrines, museums and sites linked to witchcraft prosecutions. A map locates these sites, plus there are sixteen pages of illustrations. Joyce Miller brings balance and clarity to what can be a complex, confusing and often emotive topic. She has spent the last 10 years researching the area at the Universities of Edinburgh and Stirling, and was a Research Fellow for the Survey of Scottish Witchcraft project, She has written several books and articles, has contributed to television and radio, and currently lectures and writes on many aspects of Scottish history.
Main title:
Musselburgh : Goblinshead, 2004
xii 163p. : map, b&w photographs ; 22cm
Includes index.
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