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Another summer in Kintyre : reflections on a 2014 diary

Martin, Angus, 1952-2015
Books, Manuscripts
'A second summer in Kintyre' is the latest literary offering from Angus Martin and reflects the style and character of its predecessor, 'A summer in Kintyre', yet is rich in differences. The narrative begins in April 2014 and ends in September, but real time is irrelevant, since the author dips frequently into history and prehistory, evoking people and events associated with the places he visits by bicycle and on foot. Artists, poets, musicians, cave-dwellers, convicts, winkle-pickers, travelling tinsmiths, shipwrecked sailors, saints, school friends, fishermen, shepherds, farmers and fellow-ramblers share the pages with flowers, butterflies, birds, otters, whales, adders and much else. The author's close engagement with places, people and nature is ever-present and, using the journals he has kept since his teens, he is able to recreate his early adventures in the outdoors. Besides his familiar haunts in South Kintyre (Learside, Ben Gullion, Inneans, and Largiebaan) he visits Barr Glen, Ballochroy Glen and Lussa, and explores their history.
Edinburgh : The Grimasy Press, 2015
xiv, 240 p. : ill. ; 23 cm
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