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Midnight's descendants : a history of South Asia since partition

Keay, John2014
Dispersed across India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, Midnight's Descendants - the generations born since the 1947 'midnight hour partition' of British India - are the world's fastest growing population. This vast region and its peoples wield an enormous influence over global economics and geopolitics, yet their impact is to often simplified by accounts that focus solely on one nation and ignore the intricate web of affiliations that shape relations among British India's successor states.The 1947 partition was devastating to the larger of the newly created states, and it continues to haunt them to this day. Joined by their common origin and the fear of further partition, the five key nations of South Asia have progressed in tandem to a large degree. These countries have been forced to grapple with common challenges, from undeveloped economies and fractured societies to foreign interventions and the fraught legacy of imperialism, leaving them irrevocably intertwined. Combining authoritative historical analysis with vivid reportage, Keay masterfully charts South Asia's winding path toward modernisation and democratisation over the past sixty years.
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